Motorized Vinyl Shades

Motorized Vinyl Shades are the strongest retractable shade system against the elements. They are ideal for enclosing a patio, pergola or covered roof restaurant or café area against high winds and inclement weather. Motorized vinyl shades insulate by allowing the warmth of the sun to fully penetrate the interior while creating a barrier against the elements. Combined with outdoor heaters, these shades conquer cold weather and allow you to enjoy the outdoors in Winter.

Cincinnati dual screen porch shades 

Dual Roller Shade Systems

Clear vinyl is a great way to impress your guests and keep them comfortable. These screens can be added by themselves, or as part of a dual roller system.

Why choose between vinyl or mesh when you can have both. Get clear vinyl and one of our other mesh options, all at the touch of a button or smartphone app.

Thanks to our motorized screens with clear vinyl, you can now spend more time in your outdoor living space without being limited to only two seasons.


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