Outdoor Retractable Motorized Screens
for the Cincinnati and Louisville Area

We are the leading provider of retractable and motorized outdoor screens installation services in the Cincinnati and Louisville regions.
Motorized retractable screens are becoming more and more popular over standard fixed screens because of their convenience, functionality, and aesthetic. Although we do install fixed screens on virtually any opening, we encourage you to peruse through our motorized outdoor screen options as detailed below: Tuffscreen®, Solar Screen, Standard Screen.

Motorized Outdoor Screens

Whether you are looking for protection against pests and damaging solar rays or you prefer to extend the privacy of indoors to your deck or patio, our motorized retractable screens are versatile for a multitude of purposes. Transform any architectural opening into a functional living space at the push of a button with the simplicity of a wireless remote that controls shade units individually or altogether. These screens can be used to filter incoming sunlight and keep out insects without sacrificing the benefits of a refreshing breeze. Customized to each building project, we offer an assortment of colors, screen materials, and mounting options that is certain to maintain the integrity of your ideal design.

Three Options Below

Solar Screen
Privacy Screen

OPTION 1: Tuffscreen® Heavy-Duty Screen

Solar Protection
If you need a stronger, more durable insect screen, TuffScreen is for you. The heavy-duty, vinyl-coated insect screen is pet-resistant and built to last. Shop our selection of TuffScreen insect screens for your windows and doors or your patio.

Phifer TuffScreen® is heavy-duty, vinyl-coated polyester insect screening that is ideal for use in high traffic areas. Yes, the most common purpose of screening is to keep most bugs out; however, keeping bugs out is nearly impossible if your screens are ripped from anxious pets, rambunctious children, or harsh weather. TuffScreen® heavy-duty mesh screening is made from vinyl-coated polyester, making it tear and puncture resistant, and one of the most durable screen options on the market. It installs just like regular screening but is three times stronger than standard fiberglass, and won’t need to be replaced nearly as often. We’re so confident in our heavy duty screen material’s ability to protect your windows, doors, porch and pool enclosures that we offer a 10-year warranty.

Want to know more about the benefits of our TuffScreen heavy-duty mesh screening? Check out Phifer’s durability features page!

Super Screen down on house
Tuffscreen Motorized Screen
Super Screen down on house

OPTION 2: Solar Motorized Screen

Solar Protection
Solar motorized retractable screens are for those who want maximum sun protection with good visibility and insect protection.

US Custom Creations is proud to bring homeowners the innovation of a solar shade unit, which is a popular subset of our motorized screens. While functioning the same as our industry-standard SuperScreen system, these tight-knit screen fabrics provide protection for your home against detrimental sun rays. Our various weave and color options block between 70 and 97 percent of the sun’s rays, while also adding a layer of protection between nature’s harmful elements and your valuable furniture, outdoor electronics, or decking.

Another benefit of our solar screen system is the added privacy from prying eyes of populated neighborhoods. Enjoy your outdoor space in complete discretion as you would any another room in your home. Conceptually similar to window tint or a pair of sunglasses, visibility into your living space is limited, while sightlines are virtually unobstructed. Whether you are looking for solar protection or hope to securely shade your environment, US Custom Creations has a solution for your specific application.

Solar Motorized Screen
Solar Motorized Screen
Solar Motorized Screen

OPTION 3: Privacy Motorized Screen

Solar Protection
Privacy motorized retractable screens are for those who want great visibility and good solar protection.

US Custom Creations’ exclusive products operate via a drop-down mechanism with the screen roll assembly fastened to the existing structure and covered by a weather-proof aluminum housing. Easily controlled by a simple Somfy handheld remote, the screen glides to the floor, guided by rails on either side, at the push of a button. Motorized patio screens can be mounted in several different ways depending on the construction of your property, and can be installed inside or outside your home. To ensure you get the best fit and the most efficient motorized screen system, US Custom Creations will visit your home to take accurate measurements and let you explore our products. We will bring an array of sample products for you to consider, including color chips and screen mesh swatches to ensure the project comes together exactly as you envision.

Privacy Motorized Screen
Privacy Motorized Screen

Applications for Motorized Retractable Screens

house with screens

Porches, Patios, and Balconies

Motorized screens enclose and transform any outdoor space with the push of a button. Make your patio, porch, balcony, or gazebo the ideal summer relaxation spot with adjustable screens.
Garage Door Screen

Garage Door Screens

The garage is a multi-use space: car parking, storage, workshop, and much more. Add even more versatility to your garage with a motorized screen. Work on those home improvement projects in privacy and with full ventilation.
Privacy Screen

Privacy Screen

Retractable motorized screens offer privacy from prying eyes and put your mind at ease. Sunbathe, enjoy a hot tub, work on a home improvement project, or simply read a good book in peaceful privacy thanks to your screens.
Weather Protection Screen

Weather Protection

No one can predict the weather, but you don’t have to when you have motorized screens. Use them to take refuge from chilly autumn winds. Lower them against winter snowfall. Protect yourself against spring rain. You won’t sweat the scorching summer sun with these screens.
Insect Protection Screen

Insect Protection

Everyone loves summer but hates the bugs that come with the warm weather. Enjoy the warmth and refreshing summer breeze without an invasion from pests.
US Custom Creations is the go-to contractor for custom outdoor screens and under deck systems in Cincinnati, Louisville, and surrounding areas. We are ready to exceed your expectations for your outdoor living project.