Interior Honeycomb Shades
for the Cincinnati and Louisville Area

Interior honeycomb shades are not only stylish, but extremely efficient. The honeycomb shade has many designs, patterns, automations, and colors to appeal to your needs. If privacy is a concern, honeycomb shades have multiple levels of transparency to help you feel safe and secure. We encourage you to learn more by exploring the information on this page.

Honeycomb Shades Highlights

  • Honeycomb shades are tailored, energy efficient and customizable.
  • You control the light ranging from sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque and blackout.
  • The great insulating qualities of honeycomb shades maximize energy efficiency in your home, especially the softstyle celluar shades featuring double cells.
  • Stain and wrinkle resistant, and easy to clean, suitable for all shapes of windows.
  • Smart D cell design keeps the crisp, full pleated structure and facing for the life of the shade.
  • A vast array of color options, 539 swatches.

Honeycomb Shapes and Sizes

honeycomb single cell sizes

Single Cell Honeycomb

Single cell honeycomb shades come in multiple sizes.

  • 3/8″ for smaller scale windows
  • 3/4″ for virtually any window size
  • 1 1/4″ for larger scale windows
honeycomb patterns

Different Honeycomb Patterns

Dimensions™ takes the spotlight, while 3 sizes of single cells, our clever Hybrid Pleat and super-efficient Double Cell make an award-winning ensemble.

  • Column 1: Double cell for superior insulation and added light control
  • Column 2: 2″ hybrid pleat for dramatic look, larger windows and sliding glass doors
  • Column 3: Dimensions™ for a uniquely stylish look, suits a variety of window sizes

Fabric Opacity Options

Opacity refers to the variation in light filtering (from a soft glow to total blackout) and the amount of view—or privacy—afforded.

honeycomb shade sheer


Filtered light for an open, softened view, UV protection and glare reduction, when privacy is not a concern.

honeycomb shade semi-sheer


Like a sheer, but maintains moderate privacy.

honeycomb shade semi-opaque


The single cell allows in more light, while the double cell reduces incoming light.
All sizes offer privacy.

honeycomb shade sheer


Living up to its name, blackout blocks all light (except at the sides of shades) for maximum room darkening and privacy.

Control Options

honeycomb shade motorization control


Control all your motorized Honeycomb Shades in one room. Choose from a variety of battery-operated systems to raise or lower shades with a few simple taps on your device.

Honeycomb Shades Powerwand


The PowerWand™ lifts and lowers shades with the touch of a button. PowerWand is affordable and rechargeable, too.


  • Interior shade automation allows you to control one or all of your shades with the touch of a button.
  • Whether you opt for a remote, wireless wall switch or a smartphone app, automated shades can easily be programmed to raise in the morning and lower in the evening to give the illusion that someone is at home.
  • In addition, voice control with amazon alexa or google home, excellent option!
  • Energy-savers: you cannot program the weather but you can program your motorized window shades to help you save on energy costs. Simply set them to open or close during the hottest or coolest times of the day.
  • Motorized window treatments are an excellent cord-free solution for homes with children or pets,

Rechargeable motors

  • The benefits of motorized shades without additional wiring.
  • A great option for existing homes/businesses.
  • A nice solution for more narrow or wider windows.
  • Easy control via smartphone, tablet, remote, wireless wall switch or can be integrated with smart-home automation system.
  • No cords, no electrician, no wiring, simply smart wire-free shades to suit your lifestyle or work environment.

Gallery of Interior Honeycomb Shades

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