Under-Deck Roof Systems

Protect your deck from the elements with an under deck rain system. With an under deck covering below deck ceilings, you’ll increase your home’s value and extend your deck’s lifespan. You’ll watch the snow or rain fall while protecting yourself and your deck–and improve the aesthetic with a clean, professional appearance. US Custom Creations installs under deck roof systems for customers throughout Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

What is an Under Deck Roof System?

An under deck system is essentially a ceiling installed underneath the roof of your porch. The ceiling consists of individual panels and integrated gutters that direct water, snow, ice, sleet and debris away from the deck. To allow for airflow, each system is installed with a gap between the roof and ceiling panels.

Under deck systems are custom-made, not sold out of the box. When you hire US Custom Creations, we build an under deck system according to your dimensions and specifications. Choose from multiple colors and finishes that match your existing decor.

Keep your under deck dry

Why Do You Need an Under Deck Roof System?

If you’re building a new house, an under deck roof system protects your deck from the beginning. And if you live in an existing house, an under deck system prevents further deterioration. Here’s what an under deck roof system does for you:

  • Draws water and debris away from your porch with the gutter system
  • Strengthens your deck with self-supported galvanized steel
  • Improves the aesthetic with your choice of colors and finishes
  • Keeps rain, snow and sleet from saturating the deck, causing rot and water damage
  • Allows you to install appliances like lights and ceiling fans
  • Preserves the quality of stone flooring
  • Provides a dry outdoor space that you can enjoy any time of year
  • Makes your deck easier to clean and maintain
  • Turns an old deck into an attractive seating area
  • Increases your home’s resell value
  • Allows you to install nicer patio furniture
  • Provides a safer environment for children and pets
  • Reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents

Every house is different, so reach out to US Custom Creations to see if an under deck system is right for your specific situation.


How Much Does an Under Deck Roof System Cost?

When you buy an under deck system, you’ll save thousands of dollars in deck replacements and repairs. The under deck protects your space from rain, ice, sleet, high winds and debris that degrade your deck over time. Up-front, under deck systems are reasonably priced and accessible to homeowners with moderate budgets. When you work with US Custom Creations, you’ll start with a free quote–afterward, you can decide if an under deck system is right for your porch.

How Long Does an Under Deck Roof System Last?

An under deck roof system lasts for virtually the rest of your life. Galvanized steel, sturdy gutters and individual ceiling panels withstand years of exposure to the elements. If you need repairs or replacement parts, under deck roof systems come with a lifetime warranty that doesn’t expire unless you move to a different house.

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