Motorized Solar Screens

US Custom Creations is proud to bring homeowners the innovation of a solar shade unit, which is a popular subset of our motorized screens. While functioning the same as our industry-standard SuperScreen system, these tight-knit screen fabrics provide protection for your home against detrimental sun rays. Our various weave and color options block between 80 and 95 percent of the sun’s rays, while also adding a layer of protection between nature’s harmful elements and your valuable furniture, outdoor electronics, or decking.

Another benefit of our solar screen system is the added privacy from prying eyes of populated neighborhoods. Enjoy your outdoor space in complete discretion as you would any another room in your home. Conceptually similar to window tint or a pair of sunglasses, visibility into your living space is limited, while sightlines are virtually unobstructed. Whether you are looking for solar protection or hope to securely shade your environment, US Custom Creations has a solution for your specific application.

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