Turn Your Garage into the Ultimate Man Cave (or She Shed)


Every man dreams of having their own personal space where they can relax with friends, have a few casual drinks, host a LAN party, or with NFL football fast approaching, watch the big game. The ladies are not without their own dreams of similar entertainment. Let’s face it, there are probably just as many She Sheds out there, but probably more tastefully decorated. 

In either case, if your Cincinnati or Louisville home doesn’t currently support a home-away-from-home-within-a-home space, then the garage can easily become your private entertainment area with just a few renovations. Here’s how.

Start with Flooring and Walls

Most garage floors are simple and bare concrete. They also tend to get hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. This is not ideal for a comfortable entertainment setting. Rubber flooring is an option that allows for more leeway when it comes to spills and food cleanup, but rubber flooring tends to be difficult to maintain an even temperature, so opt for this if you live in a temperate climate. Wooden flooring is similar in nature but reacts to temperature quicker than rubber flooring. Most people will tend to opt for simple carpeting, as you can add layers of insulation underneath quite easily.

Once you have the floor completed, turn your attention to the walls to complete the finished look of your new Man Cave or She Shed. Consider the acoustics of your wall coverings to reduce noise clutter and opt for insulation if you live somewhere it is necessary.

Electronics Require a Power Source

Let’s not forget to include some wiring for your electronics. After all, it would be highly disappointing to do all this work and forget to ensure your home entertainment system can operate without an extension cord ruining the feng shui of your newly furnished room, not to mention creating a fire and safety hazard. Plan where you want your electronics to go and then wire in some wall outlets nearby.

While you are at it, consider how you are going to illuminate the room. Track lighting or overhead fluorescents? Floor lamps or chandeliers? Perhaps you would like to opt for a Phillips Hue Smart Lighting System to really bring out the entertainment pizzazz! Another consideration for electronics is Smart Home devices. If you do go that route, installing an Access Point for your home Wi-Fi may be needed. All these things require the proper power source and wiring.

Bringing the Party to the Neighborhood

To make your Man Cave or She Shed, stand out from the rest, consider installing motorized retractable screens. When the weather is perfect for opening your entertainment area to the elements, you can enjoy social events while you relax in the comfort of a shaded, bug-free, remote-controlled, open-air environment. If you want to get really creative, turn your patio into an entertainment area and add motorized patio shades to enjoy the same comforts while engaging in your social events. In either scenario, your house will be the envy of the block!

Retractable Screen in front of room

Garage Screen Door

Heating and Cooling Options

Unless you live in a perfectly temperate area, make sure you plan for how to heat and cool your new structure. Hopefully, the garage is insulated to keep cold air out and maintain comfortable temperatures, but that may not be enough. Whether it’s a simple window unit for the summer and a wood stove for winter, consider what you’ll need to be comfortable no matter what time of year you will be playing games or enjoying the big game on the big screen. Be sure to talk with an electrician and maintain all safety protocols before setting up.

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