The Simplicity & Beauty of A Screened In Porch


“Porch time” is one of the best aspects of living in Kentucky. Most Kentuckians will agree that nothing beats enjoying time with family or spending time alone out on a porch, with beautiful views of the great outdoors. We’re here to tell you that we can make porch time even more enjoyable. Installing fixed screens or motorized screens can extend the amount of time you can spend on your porch without interruptions from irritating insects, bad weather, or the glaring sun. Screens from The US Custom Creations could be exactly what your porch needs to reach its full potential.

Why Kentucky Needs Outdoor Screens

Louisville Screened In Porch KentuckyFurther north, people can enjoy lounging on porches without the protection of screens. In Kentucky, however, the bugs have a different idea. The hot, humid summer climate is a breeding ground for pests like mosquitoes, no-see-ums (Sandflies), moths, hornets, and wasps. Relaxing on your porch can prove impossible – and even dangerous – without a screen with insect-blocking mesh. With no screen, you and your family (and your pets) are sitting ducks all but beckoning insects to bite.

Porch lights, food and drink, and even breathing attract pesky pests straight to your porch. Female mosquitoes (the ones that bite) are drawn to the carbon dioxide you exhale when you breathe. Forget spraying loads of chemicals on your skin or lighting a citronella candle that barely works. Instead, invest in a solution that really works. A Louisville screened-in porch lets you enjoy everything your outdoor living space offers without fielding attacks from bugs. Screens can prevent itchy bites, food contamination, and insect-borne diseases, while you relax in peace.

Enjoy the Simpler Things in Life

There’s a reason porches exist. In Kentucky, they’re for sitting in rocking chairs, staring out at the peaceful outdoors, and wiling away the hours in your private oasis. If your porch doesn’t do these things for you, it might be for lack of a screen. Whatever is preventing you from fully enjoying your porch, there’s a screen for that! There is a screen for every need. There are solar screens that block harsh sunlight and ultraviolet rays, insect-protection screens with tiny mesh to block even the smallest bugs, privacy screens that prevent outsiders from looking in, and even motorized screens for the times when you need screens to disappear.

The right outdoor screening system can transform your Louisville porch. A screen can turn your porch into a private and personal space, where you can enjoy fresh air and panoramic views without compromising your comfort or safety. Don’t have a porch to screen in? We can build one! We can give you the enjoyment of a screened-in porch from scratch. This home improvement can boost property value and give long-lasting returns.

With our help, you can take back control of your porch. Whether it’s insects, the sun, or the temperature keeping you from using your porch, a screen can solve your problem. Screening in your Kentucky porch is an excellent investment we recommend to anyone with an outdoor living area. Don’t make your plans around the bugs or weather. Screen in your porch and enjoy porch time the majority of the year.

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