Make Your Patio’s Entrance Stand Out With These Tips


Most people want their home to make a great first impression when guests arrive because this sets the tone for the rest of the visit. Though some people might not consider it, the patio, porch, or deck is part of the home’s living space and it sometimes carries even more significance when it is the first thing people see when they come for a visit.

Here are some helpful amenities to make sure your patio, porch, or deck impresses the eye:

French doors

If you have a charming, cozy, and traditionally appointed space, French doors are the ideal touch. Their windows allow for a great view when shut and when opened, can allow a breeze to pass through into the home when it’s warm. For longer walls which are patio-adjacent, try two or more sets of French doors to expand the space even more, creating a seamless transition between the house and the patio or deck. If your doors are facing the sun much of the day, consider installing motorized patio screens that can be lowered only when desired.

Motorized Screen half way up

Garden gates

A garden gate can give a more private patio an exclusive vacation-like feel. To maximize this effect, make sure to surround the garden door or gate with plenty of lush foliage, a trellis, climbing/creeping ivy plants, fences, or all the options listed. There is almost no end to the combinations and beauty.

Retractable screens

One can never go wrong when designing their patio/deck/porch space with an Indiana retractable screen. Not only do retractable screens provide privacy, they also give the patio respite from bugs and other pests, harmful UV rays, harsh winds, and other foul weather. A good example of a creative retractable screen installation is having the kitchen lead out onto the patio or deck, giving access straight from the kitchen to the outdoor table for a relaxing and pleasurable dining experience in nice weather.

Motorized retractable screens come with special environmental sensors, so you don’t have to do a thing if outdoor weather conditions suddenly change; this can help you save money on cooling and other energy costs.

Screen with good visibility

Picture windows

A picture window is a window that has one pane of glass and it is typically found in a living room but can go anywhere in the home. Having large picture windows that open up onto your patio or deck is both tasteful and beautiful. A large pane of glass gives the impression of a larger room while also affording viewers the best view to the outside no matter the weather. The barrier is artful and understated with this designing option.

Have more than one entrance

If you are a big fan of open air concept homes, this is the method for you. More than one entrance can work to improve the flow of the room and open the area to your patio even more than with picture windows. With this option, you can even vary the type of entrances with different types of doors to different rooms, making entrance to your patio easy from almost any room in the house.

No matter your personal style and choice for your home patio, deck, or front porch, US Custom Creations can accommodate exactly what you want, giving you custom-built work without the custom-built cost. Give us a call @ 502-244-2045 or schedule an appointment today.

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