5 Reasons to Consider Motorized Patio Shades


Your patio is a great place to spend warm summer evenings and enjoy the outdoors in comfort, but it’s important to have some kind of shading solution for the time you spend outside. Too much sunlight is bad for your skin, and the glare of the sun can cause overheating and make it hard to see the beauty of the outdoors. Motorized patio screens are a fantastic solution, and they offer more advantages than you might think. To make your outdoor patio space more inviting and comfortable, consider the following benefits of installing motorized patio shades.

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Protect Yourself from UV Exposure

Spending time outside is good for you, and everyone needs sunlight exposure for vitamin D. However, too much sun exposure can be a very bad thing. Excessive UV exposure can cause sunburn, sun poisoning, or even increase the risk of developing skin cancer. Motorized patio shades can help you find a healthy balance of sunshine and safety and also help preserve your patio furniture from sun damage.

Clean and Simple Remote Operation

Motorized porch shades not only look great, but they’re also very easy to use and maintain. Your new motorized retractable shades will offer remote control so you can customize your coverage easily. You can easily configure your patio screens to sync up with a remote control device or a smartphone app so you can control them any time you want, and it’s even possible to configure automation settings so they deploy and retract on their own at certain times of the day.

Create a Smart Home Inside and Out

If you decide to explore automation technology with your new motorized patio shades, you can integrate this new addition into the other smart tech you have inside and outside of your home. Eventually, you can put many parts of your home on autopilot and adjust them as needed from the convenience of a smartphone app or remote control.

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Turn the Outdoors Into More Living Space

Having control over the shade over your patio can make it much easier to enjoy the outdoors in peace and comfort. Investing in motorized patio shades means you can easily enjoy the outdoors in all types of weather and maintain complete control over your outdoor space. These screens work perfectly as mosquito barriers for the spring and summer and will help to minimize glare in the cooler months.

Cut Your Energy Costs

An often-overlooked benefit of motorized porch shades is the positive effects they can have on your energy bills. Your new motorized screens can help block the sun over a large portion of your home, preventing heat transfer to the interior of your home and making it easier for your air conditioning system to maintain comfortable temperatures without using excessive energy. Over time, your motorized screens could save you quite a bit of money and also help prevent your air conditioning system from overworking itself.

These five reasons to invest in motorized patio shades should encourage you to think about the potential this addition could offer to your home. US Custom Creations offers a wide range of motorized patio shade installation options, and we can help you find the right configuration for your needs and expectations. Whether you want something simple but effective or something robust that can integrate with your smart home technology, we can help. Contact US Custom Creations today @ (513) 475-0182 to learn more about motorized outdoor shades.

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