5 Benefits of Installing an Under-Deck Ceiling


Your outdoor deck or patio is a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, but have you thought about the space below your deck? Many homeowners have raised decks with entryways or covered areas underneath, but, in many cases, there are no real ceilings above these spaces. If your home has a similar layout, an under-deck ceiling can be a fantastic investment for many reasons.

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Add Comfortable Outdoor Seating Space Near Your Home

Covering the underside of your deck with an under-deck ceiling instantly creates a more finished outside space, making it much easier for you to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Spaces covered by under-deck roofs are protected from the elements, and finishing a space is much easier when you have the protection that a completed ceiling provides.

Make Upgrading Your Outdoor Spaces Easier

If you are thinking about revamping your home’s exterior or creating an updated seating area around your home, the space under your deck is a great choice. If there’s no entryway to the inside of your home in this space, creating one may not be very difficult. You could potentially start something incredible by installing an under-deck ceiling.

Under-Deck Ceilings Can Reduce Water Damage

Your deck takes a lot of punishment from the elements, and the water dripping around it and through it every time it rains may be causing more damage than you realize as it saturates the ground and potentially works its way toward your foundation. An under-deck ceiling is essentially a type of deck waterproofing, and you can create a better gutter and drainage system that works with your new under-deck ceiling.

Make an Existing Under-Deck Patio Safer and More Durable

You may already have a space below your deck that you and your family enjoy from time to time but looking up at the underside of your deck may not be very pleasant. Exposed beams are also prime locations for birds, squirrels, and insects to make their homes. Covering this area with an under-deck ceiling keeps it protected, and integrated gutter systems ensure that water can flow off the deck above easily.

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Increase Your Property Value

All of the money you invest into your home can eventually pay off in surprising ways, especially if you intend to move anytime in the next few years. Installing an under-deck roof instantly makes the covered exterior space more comfortable and attractive, and this could be one of the details that lands an interested buyer for your home.

If you have considered waterproofing for your under-deck patio, an under-deck ceiling from US Custom Creations could be the ideal solution that provides the protection you need while adding real value to your home. Contact us today for more information about under-deck roof systems and find out what we do for your home.

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