3 Ways That Solar Screens Can Help Lower Energy Costs


One thing that seems almost inevitable in the summer months is a sudden spike in your energy bill as residents begin running their air conditioning units to try and keep their homes cool. Those who try and minimize the usage of air conditioning to lower the costs and make their homes more energy efficient often have to endure uncomfortable temperatures and hours spent directly in front of a fan. But as it turns out, solar screens and patio shades can do a lot more than block out excess amounts of outside light. In fact, installing solar screens is one of the most commonly recommended solutions to reduce energy costs, and it’s all connected to lowering the temperature of the inside of your house.

  1. Solar Screens Are Very Efficient Insulators
    Depending on the model, solar screens generally block around 80-95% of UV rays. The significantly decreased amount of rays that reach the interior of the home result in a lowered amount of heat as well. Not only does this ensure that the house is at a much more comfortable temperature should you decide to rely on fans for cooling, but those that prefer to use air conditioning won’t have to run it at such high levels, saving energy in the process.
  2. Screens And Shades Allow for Airflow
    Opening the windows altogether may seem like another excellent idea to keep cool in the summer, save for the fact that it invites all sorts of critters and insects into your home. Additionally, traditional window screens don’t have any sort of UV protection. Adding solar screens to your windows and patio shades to your outdoor patio area allows for you to enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors while still benefiting from the UV protection and insect protection the screens and shades provide.
  3. Solar Screens Are More Affordable And Effective Than Popular Alternatives
    Another common solution to insulate your windows and lower the heat gain of your home is the use of thick, insulating blackout curtains. Unfortunately, these come with a variety of drawbacks. They tend to be heavy and difficult to install and require more maintenance to keep clean. In addition, the technology used to create solar screens allows for models with increased visibility so that more natural sunlight can filter into your home. By contrast, insulating blackout curtains will cut off all-natural light, requiring you to rely on artificial lighting and increasing your energy costs.

If you’re looking to reduce your energy expenses for your Atlanta home without having to sacrifice your comfort next summer, solar screens are an extremely cost-effective way to do so. You’ll be able to enjoy all the natural benefits of summer, such as a healthy exposure to sunlight and natural airflow, without having to worry about excessive UV rays or pests.

Solar Screens Lower Energy Costs

Solar screens can help lower energy costs for your Cincinnati home. They also add protection from UV rays and provide privacy and insulation. Call 770-664-0027

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